Hail Damage Repairs Gold Coast Brisbane


Dent n Hail Biz specialises in hail damage repairs Gold Coast Brisbane.

Hailstorms can create an incredible amount of damage in minutes, and just like car accidents. There is no way of knowing when one will strike, and how much damage it will cause.

While you can insure yourself against hail damage. There will still be several insurance claims procedures you will have to complete before you receive the assistance you require, seeing as you might be in line with hundreds of other Australians trying to get assistance.

From then on, there’s finding a suitable autobody repairer who won’t overcharge you. Also that is conveniently located near you.
Why not skip the waiting period, stress, and cost by opting for paintless dent removal instead?

We are your Paintless Hail Repair Specialists

Choose paintless dent repairs for all Hail repairs with DENT n HAIL BIZ

When your car gets damaged by hail, you might be tempted to fix it yourself, or put off getting repairs done until you can find a cheaper solution. But your car still needs to be repaired. If not the day you want to sell/trade your car in it will impact the future resale value of your car.

Use the fast paintless hail damage repairs Gold Coast Brisbane services from DENT n HAIL BIZ. Because all you need to do to get the process of repair started is pick up the phone and call. Before you know it, we can have a qualified person at your location, provide a free quote and book you in for repairs.

Hail damage repairs Gold Coast Brisbane

In most cases of mild to moderate damage we can completely restore hail damage. In cases where the damage is severe or on an awkward area.

Our process can decrease the severity of the damage so that it will be less expensive to repair with traditional methods.

Not only will our services save you time and effort, it will also be done at a fraction of the price that a standard smash repairer would usually charge.

Contact DENT n HAILBIZ today for fast and affordable hail repair on any vehicle.

Hail storms can cause severe damage to your vehicles. In this case, the fastest and most cost effective way to repair damage caused by hail storms is with paintless dent repairs.

Paintless dent repair (known as PDR) is a method of repairing damaged panels on your vehicle without the use of fillers, sanding, or paint. This method of repair is cheaper than conventional repairs that most crash repairers offer. It is also done without replacing the damaged panel. Paintless dent repairs can only be completed on metal and alloy panels, as plastic panels usually crack instead of dent.

Dent n Hail Biz Paintless hail damage repairs Gold Coast Brisbane

Our Paintless dent repairs are performed by repairing the dent from behind the panel with specialised tools. They are designed only for repairing dents in metal and alloy panels.

The backside of the dent is pushed and manipulated from behind, to restore the panel back to its original state. Another method of pointless dent repair is repairing the dent with the use of specially designed tabs from the outside of the panel. This is usually done if accessing the damaged panel from behind is not possible.

If your car is hail damaged and you would like for it to be repaired, simply call us on 0407 595 593 to arrange a quote. Alternatively you can send a text to the above number. Also you can an email to ken@dentbiz.com.au we can give you an estimated cost. This way we can arrange a time for your car to be booked in, repair it for you.