Affordable paintless dent repairs Gold Coast Brisbane


If you’ve ever wondered, if there was a more affordable and less intrusive alternative to visiting a panel beater to repair a dent or crease on your car, you will be glad to know that Dentbiz can do just that by using our paintless dent repairs Gold Coast Brisbane service – which works without the use of fillers or paints.

We understand that few things are as stressful as fixing damage to your car, even if it’s only minor damage. You often have to spend hours or even days waiting for your car to be fixed, taking time out of your week to do so. This can be frustrating when the damage is relatively minor and you know it could take less than an hour to fix. Paintless dent repairs Gold Coast Brisbane is the solution for you.

Need a quick quote? Easy. Simply use your camera phone and text us your photos. We’ll respond right back and offer an estimate. 

Take a photo at a 45 degree angle from each side and text to: 0407 595 593

We are your Paintless Dent Repair Specialists

What to expect from our paintless dent repair

The moment you bring your car in, we can begin the repair process. As we are an authorised repairer for all major insurance groups throughout Australia, it’s as simple as giving your insurance company a call, and getting approval. We also accept private payments.

Proceeding with your booking for a paintless dent repairs Gold Coast Brisbane

Once you have authorisation, you can contact us directly, and we will give you a free quotation. Should you wish to proceed, we will book you in as soon as possible for the repairs, which shouldn’t take longer than three days to complete.

If we see that your hail repairs may take longer due to extensive damage ie, replacement of panels, you will be given regular updates
Regarding the progress of the repairs.

Specialised Tools

Once work begins, we use specialised tools to gently push the damaged areas of your car back to their original form. By reaching underneath it to smooth it out.

Our repair process is 100% guaranteed and fully insured. It will retain your car’s original factory paintwork as well.

In the majority of cases we are able to remove all traces of damage. In more severe cases, where there is significant collision damage, or dents so severe that the metal has been stretched or kinked, we can significantly reduce the damage. Which means that any subsequent repair work that will be done on the area will be less extensive, and much more affordable.

Contact Dentbiz whenever you experience any kind of car damage. This way, we can assist you with removing or reducing it for less.

If you’ve discovered that your vehicle has an unwanted dent or crease, Dentbiz is here to help. We can repair dents that are up to the size of baseballs. Also creases that are up to 150 mm.

However creases are more difficult to repair and depending on the size and positioning of the crease. We may only be able to repair it up to 90%. This can be done through our unique method of paintless dent repairing.


Paintless dent repairs (known as PDR) is a method of repairing damaged panels on your vehicle without the use of fillers, sanding, or paintwork. This method of repair is cheaper than conventional pairs that most crash repairers offer. Also, is done without replacing the damaged panel. Paintless dent repairs can only be completed on metalled alloy panels. We do not repairs plastic panels such as bumber bars.

Paintless dent repairs Gold Coast Brisbane

Paintless dent repairs are performed by repairing the dent from behind the panel with specialised tools, designed only for repairing dents in metal ,alloy panels. The backside of the dent is pushed and manipulated from behind, to restore the panel back to its original state. Another method of paintless dent repair is repairing the dent with the use of specially designed tabs from the outside of the panel. This is usually done if accessing the damaged panel from behind is not possible.

If you have a dent you want removed, simply call us on 0407 595 593 to arrange a quote, alternatively you can send a photo , taken from a 45 degree angle to the above number or an email to with a clear photo of the dent and we can give you an estimated cost, and arrange a time for us to repair it for you.